Future topics

A list of (non-Uber) ideas for upcoming posts:
[updated 24Aug2015]

One-off topics on which I have a current perspective (in no particular order)
  • The value of an expert generalist: an "efficient frontier" of depth and breadth
  • Distilling strategy to expose core assumptions
  • Basic Bayesian: How is business success like petitioning the Supreme Court?
  • Reinventing alchemy: the physics and psychology of perpetual motion
  • What makes operating efficiency challenging to reinforce as a core value
  • Book review: "Who gets what and why" (Alan Roth)
  • On the balcony while in the dance: The false dichotomy between "big picture" and "detail oriented" thinking
  • Some strategies are less wrong than others
  • "Adding up is the essence of democracy"
  • Appropriate urgency is context-dependent: the cost of re-work vs boiling the ocean
  • The sunk cost fallacy fallacy
  • Block and tackle: The high cost of rework
  • Pay for performance: Useful for budgeting, consolidating power
  • The downside of secret strategies
  • Random rewards create addict behavior
  • Diagnostic importance: Frame problems in ways that make them solvable & "one of those"
  • Second-best solutions: push stakeholders to build bridges, not tollbooths
  • Wei wu wei
  • How to make a bureaucracy dance - or contribute towards its delinquency
  • Democracy lessons from Ken Arrow
  • How to go to war with the team you have
  • Begin with the end in mind: Business strategy is built on the foundation of run-rate economics and valuation
  • Algorithms as a form of argument from authority
  • Book review: The Dictator's Handbook (de Mesquita)
  • Do leaders get what they expect or inspect?
  • To steer, your ship must be moving
  • Book review: Exit, voice, and loyalty (Hirschman)
  • Relative vs absolute performance (people evaluation and incentives)
  • Transparency and accountability: "Big brother" complaints presume a one-way panopticon
  • Android vs. iPhone: The impact of splitting profit pools on R&D coverage
  • Platform strategy: Commoditize the complements
  • Great power politics - understanding (ir)rational hegemons
  • Relationships can be overstated - people whose interests are aligned tend to get along
  • Block and tackle: Variance before mean
  • Cooperative organizations rely on perceived fairness
  • "Buying business": Acceleration or SimCity cheat code?
  • Dead reckoning vs navigation
  • Dead downwind faster than the wind
  • Profits tend to accrue to relationship owners
  • Complex problem solving requires time/space to "upload" before every work session
  • Aviate, navigate, communicate: Mazlow's hierarchy of priorities

Potential "Uber"-like series topics on which I have an emerging perspective:

  • Rules vs discretion
  • Internet of Things
  • Bitcoin
  • Algorithm-ization of the world

Recurring series:
  • Because, science: [Misuse of science to hide argument from authority]
  • Simon Says: [The wisdom of Herb Simon]
  • Functioning as designed: [A perceived system flaw was (mistakenly) designed in]
  • Book review: [Distinctive perspectives on leadership, economics, or technology]
  • Lazy journalism: [PR retweet, scaremongering, innumeracy] edition
  • New business idea: [Something I find interesting]
  • Annals of leadership: [Good/bad] bag edition
  • History rhymes: [Relearning old lessons]
  • Block and tackle: [Getting the basics right, often using ops concepts]
  • Health vs performance: [Exploring apparent tensions between long- and short-term thinking]
  • Basic Bayesian: [Naive use of ex-ante and ex-post information on belief structures]

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