Blog name:
  • Débrouillard is a French term describing a particularly motivated or effective person
  • It's also the name of a science magazine aimed at encouraging pre-teen interest in STEM.  Any apparent irony is unintentional
  • The cultural affectation of a French title for the blog (and email digest) title is a tongue-in-cheek nod to the history of the French intellectual, as well my time living in Brussels while focused on EMEA for SmartOps

Objectives of blog:
  • Deliberate practice of thought, communication, and engagement on topics of interest
  • Business development (examples/references of author's work product are generally confidential)
  • Mixture of content designed to engage readers while sharing a bit about myself
    • Idea generation - distillation of ideas far enough outside the norm to be uniquely interesting
    • Idea filter - repository of distinctive links to/from people and things of interest

Author's perspective:
  • Areas of interest include (executable) business strategy, sustainable business models, economics, technology, leadership and governance, pedagogy, psychology, education reform, SaaS, sales operations, aviation, and sailing.
  • Independent business consultant since 2011.  Mostly follows a "long, thin" model more akin to an interim executive role with specific mandate and scope rather than a traditional external consulting team.  This increases long-term capabilities of client teams as slower progress in analysis and problem solving is often surpassed by higher organizational buy-in and faster execution.
  • Tends to dive deeply enough into topics to reliably separate true experts from everyday conventional wisdom.  E.g. a personal interest in aviation led the author to:
  • Teaches "Strategic Analysis of Business" core strategy course at Sunstone, India's largest management program for tech professionals
  • Leads corporate seminars teaching core consulting skillsets of communication, problem-solving, and strategic planning from a practitioner's perspective

Blog policies
  • Posts are intended as long-form "show, don't tell" narration of interesting topics on which the author believes he has a distinctive, supportable perspective.  They are (mostly) unedited for style, length, or tone.  
  • The posts are reasonable illustrations of the author's independent thought processes, not of finished work product
  • For obvious reasons, the author will not comment on non-public client work (existing or former) or related issues unless it can be done in a way which maintains confidentiality and protects proprietary knowledge
  • The author will disclose any personal/professional experience and/or any facts such as investments or relationships which a reasonable person might conclude would bias his thinking
  • Once posted, edits for either clarity or correction will be clearly delineated with lined out words and [18Aug15 dated new additions].  Links may be added without comment if the underlying text doesn't change

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